Suzuki concept car display 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Suzuki concept cars on display at Tokyo Motor Show

A range of new Suzuki concept cars are on display at the Tokyo Motor Show, as well as some current and upcoming models and technology exhibits.

The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show concludes this Sunday, and Suzuki has brought an exciting and diverse range of products, technology and concept cars to the bi-annual event.  From the futuristic off-roading e-Survivor to the upcoming Suzuki Swift Sport, the Japanese manufacturer has shown off its diverse current line-up, as well as providing a look into the future of the brand in terms of both design and technology.  Here’s our summary of Suzuki’s 2017 Tokyo Motor Show display.

Suzuki concept cars


The car that’s garnered the most attention from the Suzuki stand this year is the dramatic and quirky e-SURVIVOR concept.  Described as a ‘future compact SUV towards the next 100 years’ by Suzuki, the e-SURVIVOR is the Japanese manufacturer’s vision of their future 4WD products.  The design still pays tribute to the classic SUV styling that can be seen in all of their off-road models, while incorporating new and upcoming technology.  This includes a futuristic interior and driver interface, such as the replacement of wing mirrors with cameras that display on screens in the on the dashboard. And the entire car is electrically powered.  Suzuki has also stated that the e-SURVIVOR is ready to support autonomous driving, which many predict will become a part of the mainstream in the not too distant future.

Suzuki Spacia

Moving away from the drama of the e-SURVIVOR, Suzuki also displayed their Spacia wagon concept car.  This boxy looking concept has been designed to offer space and comfort to driver and passengers alike.  But this is more than just a practical car.  Suzuki has described it as a car that brings ‘joyful anticipation and excitement to every outing’.  This Suzuki concept car comes in two forms – the practical, family-oriented Spacia and the more dynamic and aggressive looking Spacia Custom.  The Spacia Custom features a dark metallic grill and black interior to give it a more luxurious feel compared to the standard model.

Suzuki XBEE

Pronounced ‘Cross-bee’, the XBEE is the third Suzuki concept car on display.  This compact crossover is designed to be the perfect car for every lifestyle.  The standard model features distinctive styling and rough-road drivability.  The XBEE Outdoor Adventure comes in ivory as its base colour and includes wooden panelling to suit a more natural environment.  Suzuki envisions this model to appeal to those with a more adventurous outdoorsy lifestyle.  And for the urban lifestyle, Suzuki has created the XBEE Street Adventure.  The three-tone colouring allows for a high level of personalisation and will make the XBEE Street Adventure stand out from the rest.

Suzuki Carry

On the commercial vehicle front, Suzuki has also debuted a new concept car, the Suzuki Carry.  This open-air market mini-truck has been designed to provide comfort and flexibility to its users.  The cabin offers great room for passengers, as well as storage space behind the seats.  The cargo area has been designed to provide plenty of space and versatility.  When it’s not being used for commercial activities, Suzuki has envisioned this concept car to be used for leisure activities.

Suzuki product and technology displays

It wasn’t just concept cars on display at the Suzuki stand.  The Japanese manufacturer also had their current line-up as well as the highly anticipated Suzuki Swift Sport, which was debuted at the Geneva Motor Show.  Despite the speculation, the new Suzuki Jimny was not on display at this year’s show.

A large part of the Suzuki exhibit was their technology display, which provided information on the companies technological developments.   This display was heavily focused on the company’s commitment to green technology.  From their current engine range, through hybrid technology, right the way to fully electric engines, Suzuki provided information on the technology – existing and future – that they’re developing to move towards a greener future.

A nice bonus exhibit on the Suzuki stand was the Japanese team Hakuto’s rover, which has made it to the final stage of the Google Lunar XPRIZE.  Team Hakuto have scheduled their launch for 28th December 2017, ahead of the March 2018 deadline.

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