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Preparation tips for selling your car

When it comes to selling your car, presentation is key. As well as making your car a lot more appealing, having a well-prepared vehicle can also add a great amount of value to your car. Your cars paperwork is a great way to prove that is has been well maintained over the years, so it’s handy to have that paperwork ready. Below we suggest the best tips to maximise your car’s value and get you prepared for selling your car.

Professional Valet

While you might think that giving your car a quick swill over with a hosepipe and a five-minute vacuum will have your car sale ready, the reality is that this is not the case. It’s worth having your car professionally valeted to get it looking its best for sale, this includes having the outside and inside done, while a clean engine bay also looks great in photos. This will really help to get it looking its best for sale, and make it stand out in photographs if selling it privately.

Selling your car

Dent Removal

Dents can significantly reduce a car’s value. Paintless dent repair (PDR) is transforming dent removal at the moment, provided the dent can be ‘pulled’ from a car using specialist tools. It doesn’t always produce perfect results but is a great way to get your car showroom ready and increase its value. It could well be worth the investment, especially if you’re looking to sell or part-exchange quickly with a car buying service that offers you a pre-agreed price.


Detailing might be something you’ve never heard of, but what it essentially involves is machine polishing a car and focusing on the finer details to get a car looking its best. It usually works best on more expensive cars, but removing fine scratches, scuffs and marks from a low-mileage car can pay dividends when it comes to your car’s value, as it helps a vehicle to look ‘as new’, or sometimes even better.

Photographs and The Advert

Photographs can be a deal breaker for some buyers. Poor quality photos might make selling your car a very difficult task. You don’t have to be a professional photographer, but taking pictures of your car with an attractive and simple backdrop from all of its angles can make a big difference to potential buyers. Have a look at other adverts and see how their photos are taken, and use the best ones as inspiration. A well-written advert is equally important if you are selling your car privately. Avoid using any text language abbreviations, and be sure to include your car’s standout and relevant features.

MOT and Paperwork

Now that tax no longer transfers from owner to owner, as it did in the past, the MOT is now more important than ever. A full year’s MOT will give buyers confidence in your car, and make it more desirable and valuable than a car with an expired MOT, or one with just a month or so left on it.

When selling your car, it’s very important to have the correct paperwork ready. This includes service history, the V5C registration document and any MOT certificates and relevant paperwork that shows what work has been carried out on it. This will likely increase its value, too.

selling your car


Honesty counts for a lot when selling your car. Someone will likely be put off buying your car if they sense that you’re acting sheepish, potentially lying to them or covering up faults.

Check Tyre Pressure and Fluids

A car that has low tyre pressures and oil levels doesn’t give much of an impression that it has been looked after, and therefore will be less desirable for potential customers.

selling your car

Clear Out Belongings

If people are valuing your car, or coming round to view it at your house, they don’t want to see it full of clutter and belongings. Empty it of all but the most essential things (providing the car is still being used at this point), and it will make it far more appealing to someone viewing it. Check any hidden storage areas as under every surface you can get to.


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