Save hundreds on road tax before 1st April

Don’t miss your changes to save hundreds of pounds on a new car!

As of 1st April 2017, the structure for VED (a.k.a road tax) will be changing.  We’ll be saying goodbye to the staggered emissions categories and hello to a flat rate system after the first year.  Announced during the 2016 budget in March last year, the new system will combat the ‘unsustainability’ of the current system. First introduced to help combat climate change, the tiered system has seen low emissions vehicles flooding the market, massively decreasing VED revenue.  Approximately 75% of new cars purchased in 2015 fall into band A.  This means they currently pay £0 in road tax.

How does the new road tax system work?

While the new road tax system hasn’t entirely abandoned rewarding low emissions vehicles, it will undoubtedly make it more expensive for lower band owners.  New cars in current band-A (under 100g/CO2/km) pay £0 road tax.  Under the new system, these cars will cost you between £290-£400 in road tax over the first three years of ownership.  The only cars to escape the new system unscathed are zero emissions vehicles, which will remain exempt.

How do I save money?

If you’re thinking of buying a new, lower emissions car in the next couple of months, bringing that purchase forward could save your hundreds.  If you buy any new Mazda or Suzuki (registered before 1st April 2017) you’ll save between £90-£400 over the first 3 years.

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