Which type of tyre is right for you?

The driving habits of motorists can vary greatly, with some doing most of their driving on city streets and others mainly negotiating country roads or all-terrain surfaces. Some drivers will primarily cover short routes while others undertake regular long-haul trips. Unsurprisingly, the type of driving you do most often will (or at least should) have an influence on the type of tyres that you have fitted to your vehicle. For instance, sleek and smooth tyres would not be very practical for someone who does a lot of off-road driving but could suit an urban motorist perfectly.

Maybe you’ve identified your driving style but you’re not quite sure what type of tyres are the most suitable for your motoring habits? If that is the case, then have a look at the infographic below from First Aid Wheels, which matches a variety of driving styles to the respective tyre types to match. If you drive for a living and you routinely spend several hours per day on the road, you’ll want tyres with a high tread warranty and a high mileage rating – low noise emissions would help as well. Contrast that with mostly city-based drivers, who would benefit most from a responsive set of tyres with year-round traction in all weather conditions.

It isn’t just where you drive that could influence your tyre purchasing decision; how you drive is also likely to be a factor. Someone who craves hitting the motorway to get the maximum permissible speed out of their car would get value out of premium tyres that are designed to be driven at high speeds and don’t wear easily. On the other hand, a more conservative motorist would be better off with medium-class tyres that fulfil their function without being overly expensive.

Check out the infographic in full below.


Guest Author: www.fawheels.co.uk

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