The Giving Tree Gift Appeal with KidsOut

Everyone here at T W White & Sons would again like to thank everyone who donated to the Giving Tree Gift Appeal with KidsOut! We collection a huge amount of presents that we are sure will make a wonderful difference this Christmas.

We used a Mazda 6 and a CX-5 to transport all the presents up to Milton Keynes, where the KidsOut charity are based. Both of these cars where selected due to their fantastic space available. The two hour round drive was made to be so smooth and effortless due to both of these vehicles providing comfort, entertainment and general ease to drive. Both the Mazda 6 and CX-5 have such wonderful features that make long journey’s with a fully loaded car so easy. These features include; integrated Bluetooth, cruise control, satellite navigation, windscreen-projected active driving display, lane keep assist system, blind spot monitoring and many more. As seen in the pictures below, the Mazda 6 has had its back seats put down to allow even more space for us to easily fit half of all our gifts!

Gift Appeal Gift Appeal

T W White & Sons proudly participated in the gift appeal last year and this year, both being a massive success! This fantastic cause is something we will be sure to look into running again in following years! To find out more about what the KidsOut charity do, follow this link!

If you want to learn more about what else the Mazda 6 and CX-5 has to offer then please follow this link to find out more information!

Do you have any questions about the vehicles we used to transport the gifts? Or perhaps any questions regarding our participation in the Gift Appeal? If so, ask us on our social channels! We are @twwhiteandsons on Facebook and Twitter! Be sure to check out our blog as well for more industry related and general articles you don’t want to miss out on!