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Driving to University Guide

If you’re one of the thousands of students heading off to university for the first time or already a student, you’ve probably got an endless list of things to sort out before starting heading to, or going back to university. You’re likely moving or have moved to a new city, new accommodation and making new friends. But in all the excitement, don’t forget about actually getting there. If you’re arriving by car, take the stress out of your journey by following our essential guide to driving to university.

Breakdown Cover

A must-have before you start driving to university (or any trip, for that matter) is breakdown cover. Taking your car to university might mean you’ll be spending more time on the road – travelling back and forth from the family home – so it’s also a good idea to revisit what kind of cover you have to make sure it meets your new needs.

driving to university


Your car insurance policy needs to be registered to the address you spend the most time living at. If your car is moving with you to university, this means your university address, whether student halls or a shared house or flat. If your policy is currently registered to your parents’ home, you’ll need to contact your car insurance provider and change the address before you set off for university to make sure you stay covered for every eventuality. It’s possible that changing your address could make your premium more expensive, but if you don’t tell your insurer that you’ve moved across the country you risk invalidating any future claims.


If the trip to your new university digs takes you across the country, the best journey preparation you can do is to plan which route you want to take before setting off. If possible, try and travel at quieter times by avoiding the morning and evening rush hours in and around large towns and cities, and those stretches of motorway that can quickly clog up.

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Car Checks

Another must-do before you start driving to university is to make some quick car checks. The first thing to check is your fluid levels. Do the dipstick test to check your oil level, and take a look at your coolant as well, to make sure your engine doesn’t overheat on the journey. You should also check that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure, particularly if your car is loaded up with all your worldly goods, while a quick once-over of all your lights is also a good idea whether you’re driving at night or not.

For more information about checking your vehicle for a long distance journey, visit a previous blog post of ours about vehicle checks to make before a long journey.

Packing Safely

If you’re taking all your cherished possessions halfway across the country, it goes without saying to make sure they’re packed safely and securely in your car. For a safe, smooth drive it’s important to maintain an even distribution of weight throughout the vehicle as best you can. It’s also important to remember not to block sight of any mirrors with your possessions.

driving to university


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