Driving New Year’s Resolutions

With 2017 underway, it’s time to begin afresh with some new year’s resolutions.  And while many of us will have already sworn of chocolate and alcohol, and signed up for a gym, there are a few things we should all be trying to do this year for our cars and our fellow drivers.

Better Driving Etiquette



  1. Indicating –  We’ve all been in a situation where another driver’s inability to simply flick a lever has caused us to miss a gap in traffic or forced us to slam on our breaks on the motorway.  For such a simple action, there’s really no excuse for not indicating.
  2. Tailgating – Slow drivers are annoying, yes, but getting really close and intimidating an already nervous driver is never going to help.  Instead, try to find your zen and wait it out.
  3. Poor lane discipline – Sitting in the middle lane is now a bad habit that can cost you money and points on your license.  But beyond that, undertaking, not indicating and moving across several lanes at a time is annoying for other drivers, not to mention dangerous.  It’s in everyone’s interest to used proper lane discipline.
  4. Keep off the horn – Although we all like to vocalise our rage at stupid driving, that’s not actually why the horn is there.  In the highway code, the only reason to use your horn is to alert someone of something dangerous.

Keep on Top of Car Maintenance


No one wants the hassle of taking the car into the garage.  But keeping on top of your car maintenance could save you money and hassle down the line:

  1. Get your car checked over regularly – Don’t just wait for your annual service or MOT to get your car checked over.  Here a T W White and Sons we offer a free health check, which will make sure your car is in optimal running order.  It only takes half an hour!
  2. Don’t miss a service – Although there’s no legal requirement to have a car serviced, it’s always good to get your car in as close to the registration anniversary as possible.  Not only will it maintain your warranty, it will also help retain as much value in the car as possible.
  3. Check yourself – Even if you don’t want to take your car into the garage more often than absolutely necessary, there are plenty of things we could all be checking on a regular basis to help maintain our vehicles.  Tyre pressure, tread depth, fluid levels – all things we can check at home.

Safety First

text and drive

Beyond just bad manners, there are definitely a few things we could do to make the roads safer this year:

  1. Keep an eye out for pedestrians and cyclists – There’s nothing scarier than someone on a bike suddenly pulling out on you, or a pedestrian stepping into the road without looking.  And while they may be the ones at fault, it’s also up to us as drivers to keep our eyes peeled.
  2. Drinking – No one ever thinks they’re as drunk as they are.  But it doesn’t take much alcohol to slow your reactions and lower your alertness.  Rather than take the risk, get a lift or call a taxi.
  3. Using mobile phones – In the technological age, being disconnected from your phone feels like losing a limb.  But there’s no real reason for using your phone while driving; no text is that important, no tweet is that funny.  Not only that, being caught picking up your phone while driving will now cost you money and points on your license.

New year, new car?  Why not pop down to one of our showrooms to find out about the latest deals from Mazda and Suzuki!