Congestion Zone Changes Proposed


London Mayor Sadiq Khan plans changes to the Congestion Zone in an attempt to reduce pollution levels in the capital.



An increasing number of studies have shown a link between health issues and emissions. In response, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has put forward plans to change current Congestion Zone rules.  Under the new proposal, cars made before 2005 would be in the firing line. Vehicles that do not meet Euro 4 emissions standards for nitrogen oxide (NO2) would be subject to a £10 increase.

Alongside this, Mr Khan has also put forward an extension of the current ultra-low emissions zone to the north and south circular roads.

These plans come in response to several studies linking long-term exposure to pollution and illness.  Indeed, one study found that the equivalent to 9,400 premature deaths annually in London can be linked to exposure to air pollution.


The Mayor also has his sights set on reducing the number of diesel vehicles in the capital. Diesel cars have been  proven to be key contributors to London’s air-pollution.  In order to help lower the presence of diesel cars in the city, Mr Khan has stated his desire to phase out diesel vehicles from fleets such as buses and taxis. In addition, the London Mayor has called for the government to introduce a diesel scrappage scheme.  This scheme would help remove vehicles from the capital which would be effected by the changes to the Congestion Zone.

Air pollution is a high priority for the London Mayor



It’s clear that air pollution in London is a high priority for the Mayor.  He has described the current situation as a “health emergency” that he intends to tackle.  He has called for Londoners to have their say, asking them to “let me [Mr Khan] know their view on my detailed proposals to help clean-up our filthy air”.

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