Celebrating the sale of our 15,000th MX-5.

Reaching a landmark figure, of any description, is an exciting time for most businesses. Which is why we at T W White & Sons were so thrilled to receive an order form for what was to be our 15,000th MX-5 sale since the launch of this much loved sports car. The sale happened just days before the MX-5 25th Anniversary celebration Limited Edition MX-5 was launched across the UK.

Mr and Mrs Wetton were delighted when they arrived to collect their new car, and were presented with a bottle of Champaign and bunch of flowers to help celebrate the milestone figure.

Adrian Arnold, one of our Mazda Sales Executive at our Bookham branch who assisted Mr and Mrs Wetton through the sale process said: “I always enjoy handing over an MX-5; they are one of those cars that people buy with their heart and their head. An MX-5 is the true spirit of motoring. You can always sense a bubbling undercurrent of excitement as you perform the final handshake, thank them for their custom and wish them a happy journey. Handing over TW White and Sons 15,000th MX-5 just made it that bit more special!”

As one of the largest and longest established Mazda dealerships, T W White & Sons were one of the first Mazda showrooms to display what was to later become the world’s best-selling sports car of all time when it was first unveiled in 1990. The Mazda MX-5, immediately took the world by storm, and even before its launch in the UK, T W White & Sons had an advance order bank of 260 cars.

Tom White, 92, Founder of T W White & Sons said “As soon as I saw the first MX-5 I knew it had the potential to go on to be the world’s best-selling sports car. But I never dreamed that our company would go ahead and sell 15,000 of these smashing cars in its first 25 years. Here’s to the next 25 years.”

2014 marks the 25th Anniversary of this much loved sports car, and to celebrate, Mazda have produced just 750 anniversary models for sale in the UK. For more details please visit our website or call 0844 5396753.