2017 Tokyo Motor Show Preview

2017 Tokyo Motor Show Preview

The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show is almost upon us and it looks like it’ll be a fantastic show! Most of the manufacturers displaying at this year’s event have been teasing what they’ll have on their stands.  So we’ve put together a quick round-up of what you can expect from Mazda and Suzuki, as well as a selection of other displays we’re excited to see.


Suzuki concept vehicles

At the end of September, Suzuki announced they’ll be bringing a full range of concept vehicles to the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.  The main attraction of this range is the two-seater e-SURVIVOR SUV.  This quirky concept is reminiscent of the X-90 mini-SUV in terms of design, and features light-up blue wheels and a retractable roof. But don’t be fooled, this mini-SUV isn’t style over substance. The e-SURVIVOR includes a four-wheel-drive system with independent wheel motors and a ladder-frame.  And inside has a futuristic feel, with multiple screens sporting the infotainment controls and information, and two cameras replacing the rear view mirrors. And as you may have guessed from the name, the e-SURVIVOR is indeed an electric vehicle. With their 100 year anniversary coming up in 2020, Suzuki is presenting their view of the future in the e-SURVIVOR. They believe the mini-SUV represents their vision for SUVs up to 100 years from now.

Moving on from the e-SURVIVOR, Suzuki is also presenting a supermini SUV crossover, the XBEE (pronounced ‘Cross Bee’). This crossover concept comes in three versions – Standard; Outdoor Adventure, for campers and outdoor enthusiasts; Street Adventure (which comes in not two-, but three-tone colouring), for city lovers.

Suzuki is also bringing two versions of a cute and boxy mini-wagon concept, the Spacia Concept, and sportier Spacia Custom Concept.  And finally, Suzuki has announced the Carry Open-Air Market Concept, a small retro street food van.

There are also rumours that the next generation Suzuki Jimny will be revealed, and the prototype has been spotted on the road for testing. Although no official word has come from Suzuki about the cult classic, a lot of people are expecting a surprise appearance.


Mazda concept teaser images

Keeping their cards relatively close to their chest, Mazda has announced two concept cars in their line up for the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. The first, labelled as a ‘design concept’, is meant to demonstrate the evolution of Mazda’s KODO: Soul of Motion design language as the Japanese manufacturer heads towards their next generation of vehicles.

Their second concept, the ‘product concept’, is the first example of Mazda’s next-generation technology and design. The compact hatchback will be the first vehicle to feature Mazda’s SKYACTIV-X compression petrol engine.  Pundits have been speculating that this may be our first look at the next generation Mazda 3.

Moving on from the conceptual, Mazda will also be showcasing two production models. The first is the highly anticipated Mazda CX-8. This three-row SUV is set to being sales in Japan in December, but whether it will make its way to European markets has yet to be decided.  Finally, a new special edition Mazda MX-5 will be revealed – the Mazda MX-5 Red Top.  This limited edition sports car will feature a dark cherry red canopy and auburn nappa leather upholstery.

Other things to look out for

There’s a lot more than just Mazda and Suzuki at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. And while we can’t go into detail about all the exciting new cars and crazy concepts that will be on display at the event, here are a few standouts:

  • Daihatsu is bringing 5 concept cars to their Tokyo stand. the retro saloon styled Compagno, the commercial DN Pro Cargo, the personal van DN U-Space, the DN Multisix minivan and the DN Trec crossover.
  • Lexus is keeping tight-lipped on their concept car. Having released neither a name nor a teaser image of their new vehicle, we’re excited to see it and find out more.
  • Rubber and plastic specialists Toyoda Gosei is bringing something different to the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.  They’ll be presenting their ultimate pedestrian friendly Felsby II concept car.  The body is made out of a next-gen e-rubber, designed to absorb the impact of a collision.
  • With everyone heading towards electric technology, we’re interested in seeing the several electric concepts being brought to the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. Alongside Suzuki, Honda, Mitsubishi and Toyota have announced electric or hybrid concepts for the show.

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