First Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles arrive in UK

The First Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel cell vehicles have arrived in the UK and are being delivered to the first few customers around the country. Last year, Hyundai ran a fleet of test models around London, and results were great, meaning that the Korean manufacturer is ready to soon go ahead with rolling them off the production line to customer orders. This will make the ix35 Hydrogen Fuel Cells vehicles the World’s first mass-produced hydrogen-fuelled cars.

The news comes soon after the UK government announced an additional £11 million funding for Hydrogen filling stations across the country, which Hyundai hopes will increase consumer confidence in Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles.

The first customers for the ix35 Fuel Cell include Transport for London and ITM Power, although Hyundai hasn’t released details of how many vehicles will be delivered. Equally, Hyundai have confirmed that they will soon be ready to take customer orders which will be fulfilled in early 2015.

Hyundai started working on Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles way back in 1998 with the launch of their first “Fuel Cell Unit”. In 2013 they showcased the first prototype vehicle and are now hoping to have produced over 10,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by the end of 2015.

hydrogen fuel cell
How does a fuel cell vehicle work?
Although it looks like a regular ix35, the Hyundai Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle has a completely different anatomy underneath the surface. The fuel cell works by passing a mixture of hydrogen and air through a fuel cell stack, and a chemical reaction within this stack generates electrical power. This energy drives the vehicle, while emitting nothing but water vapour and heat.
technology of hyundai hydrogen fuel cell
The retail cost of the Hyundai Hydrogen fuel cell is yet to be finalised, and details will be released through our Blog as soon as it becomes available.