Suzuki Concept Cars 2019 Tokyo Motor Show

Suzuki at 2019 Tokyo Motor Show

Suzuki are bringing some new and exciting concept cars to the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.

Suzuki are bringing the fun to the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, including two all-new concept cars, as well as showcasing their continued commitment to overall mobility. This is all being done under this years theme – “WAKU WAKU for EVERYONE: Excitement for you, excitement for everyone”. And with the Japanese manufacturer on the cusp of celebrating their 100th anniversary, they plan on showcasing how they will be introducing initiatives in developing products and technologies into the next 100 years.

Exciting concepts for very different lifestyles

On the concept front, Suzuki are showcasing two new vehicles. First is the WAKU SPO. This cute personal compact vehicle will showcase Plugin-hybrid electric technology. Keeping to the show concept of fun, Suzuki have described the WAKU SPO as being a car that everyone can share fun and excitement with, anywhere, anytime. This is expressed through its cute and compact design which Suzuki believes will allow families to share fun and excitement across generations, for daily use as well as for pleasure.

In contrast to the compact WAKU SPO, Suzuki’s second concept car represents a different proposition. Labeled HANARE (which translates to ‘detached cottage’), Suzuki have described this concept as an autonomous driving mobile room where everyone can use transportation time and comfortable space effectively. They claim it bucks the trend of a clinical, impersonal self-driving future. Instead, they want to present owners with an alternative vision for enjoying their cars, besides driving.

With both concepts, Suzuki feels it is meeting the challenges of a future where lifestyles are becoming more diverse. They feel these concepts offer a vision of how they will meet the various usages and scenes in a way that excites everyone.

The 2019 Tokyo Motor Show takes place from 24th October to 4th November.