Mazda MX-30 Revealed at Tokyo Motor Show

Mazda unveils their first Battery Electric Vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show – the Mazda MX-30.

Mazda have revealed their first-ever production electric car at the Tokyo Motor Show this week, making their first full steps into the world of electrification. This all-new model, labelled the MX-30, will offer customers a unique proposition. And in true Mazda style, they’ve taken a different approach to the battery electric vehicle (BEV).

MX-30 – an electric car for the environment and the driver

Mazda has always been a brand for people who love to drive. So there’s no surprise that Mazda have taken this approach to develop their first fully-electric vehicle. Rather than opting for a large, heavy battery, the MX-30 has a smaller, lighter battery that is rigidly integrated into the vehicle body structure. While this means the MX-30 will offer a more modest range of 125 miles, Mazda are confident this will meet their customers’ needs. They quote that, for European customers, the average daily mileage is 30 miles.

Mazda has also taken steps to ensure that the environmental consideration goes beyond just the engine. The MX-30 will be made from ecological materials, in keeping with Mazda’s well-to-wheel outlook on the environmental impacts of their cars.

Eye-catching design


In line with Mazda’s move to offering more premium products, the MX-30 is elegantly designed and expertly finished, inside and out. The exterior reflects the continued evolution of Mazda’s award-winning KODO: Soul of Motion design. They have applied the process of “less is more” to create a sense of flow and oneness from front to back. the MX-30 also features unique freestyle doors, which give the car a distinctive silhouette.

Inside, the MX-30 has been given the same careful thought in terms of design and materials. Where possible, eco-friendly materials have been introduced, including replacing real leather with a vegan alternative. Environmentally sourced cork has also been used in the centre console.

Interestingly, this SUV has been given the MX prefix, most commonly associated with the MX-5 Roadster. Mazda has said that the MX prefix has been used on several products that were designed and engineered to challenge the assumptions in the industry at the time. With the innovative and unusual approach that Mazda has taken, it, therefore, feels like a highly appropriate label.

Arriving in 2021

So when can we expect to see the MX-30 hitting the UK market? Sadly, it’ll be a while, with the current planned launch falling in early 2021. However, pre-orders will open around Spring 2020. If you’d like to be kept informed, you can sign up for Mazda’s MX-30 mailing list at  And to find out more about the current Mazda range, as well as the upcoming Mazda CX-30, visit our website.