Mazda EV launch 2019 Tokyo Motor Show

Mazda at 2019 Tokyo Motor Show

With the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show only a week away, Mazda has teased the reveal of their first battery-electric vehicle

While Mazda have always insisted that the internal combustion engine is far from dead, the Japanese manufacturer continues to prove they’re working to innovate and move with the times. This has come first in the form of their revolutionary SKYACTIV-X petrol engine. This ingenious piece of technology gives you the efficiency and power of a diesel, without compromising on emissions. This has also meant that, while other manufacturers are heavily pursuing electric, Mazda have held back.  Instead of focusing on a plug-in solution, Mazda has settled on introducing a mild hybrid solution in its latest cars – M-Hybrid. This again follows their plan to improve and perfect the internal combustion engine, as opposed to jumping on the electric bandwagon.

However, the time has finally come for Mazda to fully throw themselves into the electric arena. In an intriguing teaser trailer, the Japanese manufacturer have announced that they will be revealing their first battery-electric vehicle (BEV) at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show later this month. The prototype, under the guise of the upcoming CX-30, has been spotted out on the road. But Mazda has confirmed that this car will be an entirely new SUV, as opposed to a new engine for their existing line-up.

Return of the rotary

Mazda fans will also be pleased to hear that the rotary engine will finally be making its return in this new electric vehicle – but not in the way they might want. As opposed to powering the car, it will instead act as a range-extender. When asked about why the rotary is being brought back in this form, Mazda boss Mitsuo Hitomi commented,

“The rotary engine isn’t particularly efficient to us as a range-extender, but when we turn on a rotary, it’s much, much quieter compared to other manufacturers’ range-extenders”

The 2019 Tokyo Motor show opens to the public on 24th October, and Mazda will reveal their BEV on 23rd October.