Wildlife car insurance claims on the increase

A new report by AA Insurance confirms that car insurance claims involving animals are on the rise.

One of the more unusual encounters between a driver and animal came in the form of a squirrel dropping into a convertible vehicle, according to the breakdown service’s motor cover arm.

While it might sound light hearted, it actually ended in a serious accident, causing plenty of damage – the female motorist was so shocked that she lost control of the vehicle and drove into a tree, causing £5,500 worth of damage to her car.

The AA’s report outlines it recorded 112 “animal strike cases” in October and November this year – 30 claims alone in November came as a result of accidents involving deer (apparently the worst culprit for wildlife-car collisions), five with foxes, three with badgers and another 11 related to dogs.

Domesticated animals are not the main instigator of these types of crashes either. Rather its bigger animals that are less ‘used to traffic.’

According to an AA spokesman:

“Deer are by far the biggest culprit and this time of the year is the mating season.

“Also deer tend to move at dusk or very early in the morning and, during the winter, this puts their movements right in the time when people are commuting.”

Estimates put the number of motorists injured through collisions with deer at 450 per year.

With daylight hours reduced over the winter period and the daily commute to and from work often undertaken in darkness, it’s harder for drivers to see wildlife on the roads.



You think we have it bad on the UK’s roads during winter? Not quite as bad as they do in Russia.

Thousands of drivers were confined to their vehicles recently, trapped in a three-day long traffic jam caused by heavy snowfall.

The tailbacks stretched for over 150 miles on the stretch of motorway affected between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Emergency services were dispatched, with 175 rescuers and 100 recovery and snow clearing vehicles sent to clear the build up of snow, free stranded cars and alleviate the huge hold-up.