Top 10: professions most likely to be caught speeding

Medical surgeons, sales bosses and operations directors are among the professions most likely to be caught speeding, according to a new survey by car insurance comparison site

It’s good news for students though. The firm analysed 14 million car insurance quotes for 2012, discovering those in education were the least likely to be snapped speeding.

Drivers with professional jobs – such as barristers, chief execs, MDs and other forms of directorial roles – are among those most likely to be caught at illegal velocities.

Time is money in business, as the saying goes – but maybe those with the above roles should slow down a touch? car insurance expert Kevin Pratt:

“People are living up to stereotypes. Our data shows that professionals in high paid jobs driving fast, powerful cars are more likely to be caught speeding than the average family car, or a car with a smaller engine.

“Your profession can say a lot about you: the type of car you drive, your age and very often your gender.”

Sitting at the bottom of the list alongside students are café workers and building society clerks. The top 10 professions most likely to speed according to is as follows:

1: Operations director

2: Surgeon

3: Sales director

4: Managing director

5: Chartered Surveyor

6: Chief executive

7: Commissioned officer

8: Financial adviser

9: Hospital consultant

10: Barrister



A male motorist has been sent to prison after breaking the speed limit only to then post on Facebook advertising for someone to take his points.

Scott Woodburn put out a plea on the social networking site for a volunteer to take the wrap – he later paid a respondent £250, who was given an 11-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months. Woodburn has been jailed for five months after being charged with perverting the course of justice.

Forensic evidence was used in the prosecution of Woodburn, who was caught speeding on the A61 in Sheffield in November 2011.

The defendant refused to cooperate with police and only admitted his transgressions when an overwhelming amount of evidence was stacked against him. And in an odd turn of events, it came to light that Woodburn’s co-conspirator doesn’t even hold a driving licence.

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership said:

“Hopefully this case will send a warning to anyone who would consider anything so irresponsible.

“Woodburn showed no regard for anyone else. He was prepared to drive at excessive speed, once caught rather than changing the manner of his driving he selfishly paid to have someone else to take the blame so that he could continue behaving as before.”

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