Suzuki Swift: long term report two

In our last report we filled you in on the Suzuki Swift’s remarkable ability to munch miles on a trip to France. It wasn’t just the super-smooth French tarmac that had us impressed with the car’s comfort levels and ride quality though: the Suzuki replicated all those traits on a recent jaunt to Cornwall, too.

In one of the only decent weekends of this supposed summer period, the Swift’s grown up features made travelling long distances easy again. Cruise control and cooling air conditioning means you arrive at your destination fresh and relaxed and the car’s clear sounding Bluetooth system allows for good communication on the move.

It’s quiet at speed, with only a small amount of wind noise from around the wing mirrors, and the Swift feels stable and composed on the road.

Once off the motorway and exploring some of the Cornish country lanes you can feel the car’s playful nature. The taut but compliant chassis inspires confidence and the direct steering means you can place the car easily – especially welcome on the narrow roads of Cornwall.

It’s agile, too. There’s none of the leaden, heavy sensation some other superminis provide. Instead, the Swift gives a nice degree of feedback and marries comfort and an alert chassis with aplomb.

We’re still getting decent economy out the car, with the trip computer hovering between 46.5 and 47.5mpg depending on the type of driving. Traversing motorways does hurt efficiency slightly, but given the Swift is only packing a small petrol engine, it does well.

Performance is good and the 94bhp 1.2-litre engine revs sweetly – it works well with the smooth manual gearbox, too. The change action is light and means you can zip around town, in and out of traffic, or down a B road with ease.

If you’re going to be doing any of the above then you’ll need decent brakes as well. Thankfully, the Swift delivers in this area.

There’s good bite from the car’s stoppers and the strong retardation levels continue throughout the brake pedal’s travel. A decent level of feel through the pedal combined with the chassis’ good grip levels provides a reassuring feel of solidity.

We keep throwing demanding tasks at the Swift and it keeps responding with commendable guile.

Its nimbleness and compact proportions mean it’ll mix it with the best of the supermini pack and it’s extensive list of standard equipment and big car qualities – refinement, comfort and space – give it an uncanny ability that sees it cover most, if not all the bases.

It’s very impressive, the Suzuki Swift, and we’re growing to like it the more we drive it.