smoking ban in cars

Smoking ban for cars with child passengers

A fairly common sense law, no?  I would be very surprised to see parents smoking in their cars with their children with the way culture has changed over the years. especially since the smoking ban of July 2007, and then again with a smoking ban in company vehicles.  I would like to think as a nation we are all that little bit more health conscious.

Common sense or not, I am pleased to say that Wales is now in line with England, and both are set to introduce the ban on October 1st this year.  It will then be illegal to smoke inside the car if there is any person under the age of 18 on board with £50 fines to be handed out on the spot to those who break the law.

However.. according to Wikipedia, this rule does not apply to those in convertibles. We eagerly await to see if our cabriolet coupe sales increase!


Health campaigners have been saying for a long time parents’ second-hand smoke is harming over half a million children every week.
Cars are thought to be even worse an environment due to the confined space and inhaling toxic chemicals will affect young children far more than adults.

Campaigners now want Scotland and Northern Ireland to use their devolved powers to also introduce the ban which applies to anyone with passengers under 18.

“They usually have little choice over whether or not they travel in cars and are not in a position to require an adult from refraining from smoking. The underlying purpose of these regulations is not to introduce a great spike in enforcement actions but to change culture. It will protect children from entirely avoidable harm.” – Mark Drakeford, Welsh Government Health Minister speaking to WalesOnline

smoking in cars