Advantages of buying a pre-registered car

Choosing a pre-registered car can save you lots of money, but what are the actual advantages? This blog post will reveal the top benefits to buying a pre-registered car!

Faster Delivery

The wait when you buy a brand new car can be exhausting and feel long-winded. If a car is being ordered from factory, this process can take months. However, with a pre-registered car, because the car is psychically in stock, you won’t have to wait for delivery.



The biggest advantage of a pre-registered car is how much you pay for it. That’s because it’s effectively a brand new car, but – because it has been pre-registered and is therefore ‘used’ – it will be much cheaper. It’s impossible to say how much cheaper it will be, but you can expect a discount of between 10-15%, and perhaps even as much as 30%.


Pre-registered cars are maintained in top condition. These cars are typically ex-demo and showroom cars, so you know the cars are going to be kept clean and have no problems, not to mention very low mileage!

Pre-registered cars will also come with the remaining manufacturers warranty. For Mazda and Suzuki, this warranty will last up to 3 years. Dealers will also ensure that these cars are passing all necessary tests to keep the car at a high standard.


Commonly these cars are built to a high specification, with many of the most desirable or useful optional extras already fitted to the vehicle.  While you won’t be able to specify a nearly new car to your own tastes, in the same way you would a new car, you won’t be faced with the dilemma of what options to go for and you’re likely to find a vehicle to suit your needs anyway, with the options essentially fitted for free.


Buying a pre-registered or ex-demo car is a great option if you’re looking for a really good deal and you’d like to get behind the wheel of a new car and not want to wait around to get it. Provided it’s in showroom condition and you feel the car meets your expectations, pre-registered cars can make for a hassle-free, bargain buy.

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