Mazda 2 Wall of Death

Death-defying Mazda 2 takes on the Wall of Death

Lapping a 31-foot circular track at full throttle would be considered a challenge on the flat. Add in the fact that the surface you drive on is vertical and you’d think it impossible. Not for the Mazda 2.

In fact, the little Mazda supermini is perfectly cut out to ride the 16-foot vertical Wall of Death. In an amazing stunt recently, Mazda’s popular supermini did just that, taking on the challenge of the world’s oldest Wall of Death – the Demon Drone.

The Mazda 2’s punchy 102bhp 1.5-litre engine means it has plenty of urge and performance where it’s needed, but the car’s agility and lithe handling – thanks to its low 960kg kerb weight – mean it’s is superbly controllable once up on the Wall.

Riding the Wall of Death in the Mazda 2 proves the company’s convention-defying approach to ultimate level. Driving performance and efficiency forward, such as the Japanese firm’s new SKYACTIV technologies and i-ELOOP regenerative braking system.

Only a few safety modifications were needed for the Mazda 2 to achieve this incredible feat, too.

The car’s fog lights were removed to allow more flexibility in the bumper when climbing up onto the vertical wall, and the Mazda 2’s suspension was tweaked slightly to cope with the high loads of twice the force of gravity.

Everything else about the car was completely standard – no chassis gimmicks, no electronic trickery.

Given that specially designed motorcycles only normally usually use the course, it makes Mazda’s achievements look all the more impressive.

According to daredevil driver and Wall of Death expert Dynomyte Dave, “It was incredible. Just amazing. Once the Mazda was up on the vertical, it was rock steady.”

Check out the Mazda 2’s amazing achievement here: