Mazda launches 12-second Facebook challenge

Mazda has launched a 12-second Facebook challenge – sounds cryptic doesn’t it?

It’s actually the time to the nearest whole second that Paralympian Yunidis Castillo ran the T46 100m in – the Cuban athlete broke the world-record with a time of 11.95 seconds.

Just think about that. What can you do in 12 seconds? The Japanese firm has had the same train of thought as us and is setting its MX5 sports car a series of tasks to complete in a fifth of a minute.

Coincidentally, it’s the same time it takes to open the retractable hard top on the MX5 Roadster Coupé.

First up, it’s is aiming to get its famous two-seater roadster to complete four full donuts in the allotted time.

Alongside this, the manufacturer is also challenging Jota Sport – the team that runs the Mazda MX5 GT4 in the British GT endurance championships – to manually change a tyre on the race car.

Other racing-related stunts have been planned and it’ll be touch and go whether the tasks will be completed in just 12 sweeps of the second hand.

One of the team’s drivers has got to slip into his full racing attire – including fire-proof underwear, race suit, boots, balaclava, helmet and gloves – while a separate team member has been tasked with sprinting 80 metres from their pit garage to the finish line at the Donington race track.

Finally, putting the focus back on the agile sports car, there’s a crowd-pleasing “how far can a Mazda MX5 powerslide?” challenge.

Entrants can win some seriously cool prizes off the back of the 12-second attempts, too.

Mazda is showing each event in six separate videos on its Facebook page and is asking its social media audience to guess whether each individual challenge was a success or a failure.

Rewards for getting the outcome of each challenge right include the chance to go Zorbing or Microlighting, with a grand prize for one lucky person selected at random receiving a Mazda MX5 for a week as well as the opportunity to go swimming with sharks.

No how cool is that?