Hyundai 2012 Super Bowl commercial success

There’s a saying American football, “go hard, or go home.” And that’s exactly what Hyundai did with its advertising strategy for the biggest sporting event of the year across the pond.

The Korean firm has been a “Super Bowl” advertiser for five consecutive years now, but with the launch of its new Veloster Turbo coupé slated for this year, it ramped up the publicity for Super Bowl XLVI (46), with a total of five commercials.

With a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl’s breaks costing $3 million (£1.9 million) on average in 2011 – that’s $100,000 (£63,000) per second – it’s a big deal so we’ve highlighted our pick of the five.

The first of Hyundai’s delightfully American adverts – entitled “Cheetah” – plays heavy on the Veloster Turbo’s sporting credentials. It sees the car lining up against a caged cheetah in a drag race for the fastest land animal only to ‘realise’ it’s be beaten out of the blocks by the Veloster.

Turning on its handler for embarrassing the most rapid mammal alive, the advert finishes with the line, “trust us, it’s fast.”

The second of Hyundai’s quintet of trailers sees businessman “Bob” delivering some sound industry advice to his young apprentice in a Hyundai Genesis Coupé R-Spec, only for Bob to fall unconscious before delivering his immortal words.

Cue the young driver performing automotive CPR by breaking hard, accelerating quickly, then braking hard again to revive Bob.

The coveted 60-second “pre-kick” time slot however, is the key message Hyundai is trying to project to its potential US buyers. Called “All For One” it “truly highlights Hyundai’s motivation to succeed” according to the firm.

Inspired by Hyundai Chairman Chung Ju-Yung’s words “have you tried?” in response to any of his employees’ protests that a challenge was too great, the ad is set to the track “Gonna Fly Now” made famous by the “Rocky” montage.

It actually works too. The sheer scale of Hyundai’s TV advertisements in the US show what a key player the firm is in the US market. However, there’s plenty more happening in the UK though, with some interesting new marketing campaigns of our own.

Find out more in T W White & Sons Hyundai in Weybridge, Surrey – and if you do want to see all Hyundai’s Super Bowl XLVI commercials, check them out here: