UK fuel sales drop by half a billion litres

UK forecourt fuel sales have dropped by over 500 million litres in the last quarter as motorists cut back on expenditure on their cars and tighten their belts.

That figure marks a 10% drop in fuel sold at the pumps compared to the period between April and June last year, according to the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

That’s nothing though – in comparison to 2008 figures, fuel sales were down over two billion litres in the first half of the year. And all this despite a three-month rise in activity at the pumps earlier in the year, sparked by panic buying among motorists.

AA President Edmund King called the slump a “huge drop” and highlighted it was the fuel industry’s own fault by “trying to squeeze more money out of shrinking customer demand.”

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The Confederation of British Industry has called for a “change in the investment, performance and efficiency” in the UK’s roads that could pave the way for private road operators controlling paid sections of the country’s road network.

In a new report by the CBI, it claims business is already losing £8 billion a year from congested carriageways – this could rise to £22 billion by 2025 if nothing is done however, according to the study.

It recommends the government switches to a toll road system to improve investment in roads, but is this really the way forward?

If you believe CBI Director-General, John Cridland, it is: “Every day, people up and down the UK lose time and money because of our clogged-up roads.

“With public spending checked, the case for new funding solutions is even more compelling, and the Government recognises this.”

A £10 billion shortfall for current Highways Agency projects certainly points towards better roads under a pay-to-drive system, as implemented in much of Europe.

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