£37 million package to boost electric car uptake

The Government has announced a £37 million funding package designed to improve the take up of plug-in electric cars in the UK.

The amount earmarked for the new project stems from the Coallition’s promise of a £400 million investment to further spread the use of ultra low emissions vehicles, available until April 2015 along with the extended £5,000 Plug-in car grant.

The funding will cover 75% of the cost to implement more home and on-street charging points, along with the introduction of more widespread electric vehicle top-up locations at railway stations.

Private individuals with off-street parking will also benefit from the subsidy, in the form of £13.5 million worth of funding set aside.

EV owners with no off-street parking will also be able to get the grant pending a request for an on-street charging point, with a further £11 million reserved. Local authorities can also apply for the 75% subsidy.

As much as £9 million will be used to further the charging infrastructure in busy railway station car parks, with £3 million used to “support the installation of charge points on the Government and wider public estate by April 2015.”



Shocking statistics have emerged highlighting that 250,000 UK motorists are unaware of the 70mph motorway speed limit in Britain.

A recent study from the AA breakdown service found that 8% of drivers incorrectly identified the legal limit on the nation’s motorways – 7% thought it was 80mph, while 1% thought it was 60mph.

The data shows male motorists (9%) were twice as likely to be unaware of the legal speed threshold on the UK’s three-lane carriageways than female drivers (4%).

Older drivers were more likely to wrongly pinpoint the maximum speed limit in the UK – 89% of over 65s said the speed limit was 70mph, compared to 95% of 18 to 24-year-olds.

Four out of 10 drivers were also unable to state the correct 70mph speed limit for a dual carriageway.