motoring offences

Driving offences you might have already broken

Have you committed any of these motoring offences?

Many drivers in the UK have committed numerous driving offences without even realising it. That’s why we have made this list telling you all about them. How many are you guilty of?


It’s an offence to sleep while intoxicated in your car. Getting caught will leave you with the burden of proving you had no intention of driving. The minimum you will receive if caught is 10 penalty points and a potential fine.

Middle lane hogging

Hogging the middle lane of the motorway is a driving offence. The middle and far lanes of the motorway should only be used for overtaking, simple as that. If police catch you hogging lanes you shouldn’t be in, you will be handed a £100 fine and 3 points on your drivers licence.


Loud Music

Playing excessively loud music from your car could lead you to a conversation with the police, and not a good one. Alarm, distress or annoyance from loud music can result in the police issuing you a warning. If the warning is ignored, your car can actually be seized.


Failing to declare medical conditions such as ADHD, vertigo and many others is a safety hazard for you and other drivers. Most of the medical conditions that the DVLA need to know about are obvious, but don’t get caught out. If you do, you will be handed a fine of up to £1000.

Beeping the horn

Beeping the horn for any of reason than alerting traffic of your presence is a driving offence. Beeping at someone who has not seen the traffic lights change doesn’t count as alerting traffic of your presence either. Despite temptations in traffic jams, roundabouts, and junctions, you’re not allowed to use your horn while stationary. The police can hand out £30 fines on the spot if you get caught.

Flashing your lights

Flashing your headlights to warn others of a speed trap is a punishable offence. What some might call ‘vigilante justice; the law interprets as ‘a dangerous practice’. Police will distribute a minimum £30 fine for people who are caught.

Speed limit

Unless signposted, driving over 30MPH on a streetlamp lit road is a driving offence. Street lighting indicates an ‘urban area’ where the default speed limit is 30MPH. If you are caught speeding on one of these roads, the punishment is a £100 fine and 3 penalty points.


Driving to slow

Driving to slow, otherwise known as ‘careless driving’ is also a driving offence and an annoying one if you are behind someone committing it. A slow car in front can drive you up the all, which is why the police might want a word. Verbal warnings are initially given by police but after that, anything up to 9 penalty points can be given depending on circumstances.

Mobile sat nav

Using an unfixed mobile phone as a sat nav is extremely dangerous and illegal. A cheap dashboard phone stand pays for itself, compared to the potential fines you can receive. These fines can be as high as £200, not to mention you can also be given up to 6 penalty points.

Baby passengers

Allowing a passenger to cradle a baby in their arms while driving is a dangerous offence. The driver will always be responsible for ensuring all passengers are safely buckled up, including newborns. A £100 fine can be issued for this offence.


Making a profit from giving someone a lift is illegal. Often referred to as ‘Facebook Taxis’ beware as chipping in for petrol is fine, but making a profit without the right paperwork is not. The driver could be facing up to £5000 in fines and 6 penalty points.


Lights on

Forgetting to turn your lights on when it gets dark could be a costly accident. You might be a bright spark, but don’t forget to turn your lights on after sunset or a £50 fine could be heading your way.


Allowing dirt to obscure your number plate is an offence as police will become very curious as to what your intentions are. It’s best to check your number plate is visible at all times or one forgetful moment could cost you £100 in fines.


Remember jumping in puddles in your wellies as a toddler? Some people never grew up. If caught splashing pedestrians with puddles whilst driving past them, you can be given 3 points straight away and given a fine.

Rude Gestures

Swearing or giving rude hand gestures to other drivers is an offence. Just because you’re behind the wheel, it doesn’t mean you’re exempt from ‘disorderly behaviour’ laws. If caught by police the punishment is a fine of 75% of your weekly income.

Fast lane

Driving in the fast in on a motorway when you have a trailer or caravan is a driving offence. Regardless of how fast or slow others are going around you, towed trailers and caravans are limited to two lanes and 60 MPH. The consequences are a potential £2,500 fine and 3 penalty points.



Parking on a pavement in London (and some other parts of England) is illegal, which makes you wonder where everyone parks? Regardless, it’s not allowed in London and doing so will result in a £70 fine.

A single yellow line

Leaving your car while stopped on a single yellow line for whatever reason is one of the more common motoring offences. Saying that your ‘just popping to the shop’ is not a valid excuse for inventing your own parking space. A fine of up to £130 can be given to anyone committing this offence.


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