Europe’s most congested cities revealed

You thought the traffic in the UK was bad? Not according to a new study analysing the most congested cities in Europe it isn’t – Istanbul in Turkey is the most congested European city at rush hour.

Sat-nav giant TomTom analysed journey times at ‘free-flow’ periods compared to at rush hour in many European cities, noting the percentage increase in time spent travelling.

It took 57% longer for the same trip across the Turkish city, heading Warsaw, Poland (45%) and Marseille, France (42%) as the top three European cities with the greatest increase in traffic around commuter times.

The UK didn’t feature in the top 10, with Leeds/Bradford exhibiting the greatest change in traffic conditions – journey times increased by 27% during rush hour, 1% more than in London.

The biggest increase in travel times for any city in the USA was (unsurprisingly) in Los Angeles. A 37% difference was noted, although the smaller relative difference here and in London does reflect the round-the-clock-traffic we know and, er, don’t love.



New research shows ‘baby on board’ stickers – used by 40% of parents – actually cause an accident for as many as 1 in 20 displaying those labels in their cars?

According to, as many as 5% of drivers have had a shunt due to stickers, such as the traditional baby on board sign, impeding their visibility, with over half of those drivers surveyed confirming baby on board logos obscure their view.

The latest data has led to road safety charity Brake branding them a danger, rather than the safety feature and potential saver of life they’re made out to be.

Parents have hit back, however – 80% of those with children under 16 reckon they improve safety by letting the emergency services know if there’s a juvenile involved in an accident.

Brake has opened the debate on these types of signs and added some top tips for displaying them in your car:

* Display a ‘baby on board’ sign (or similar) to aid emergency service officers in case of a crash, but only when there actually is a child present. If you go out in the car without your child, remove the sign

* Do not display more than one sign

* Do not place signs in a way that obscures the driver’s view

Do you have an opinion on these types of signs in vehicles? We want to hear it, so why not let us know below?