Top motoring annoyances

Britain’s biggest motoring annoyances revealed survey reveals the UK drivers’ top ten motoring annoyances.

When you’ve had a long day, other drivers’ bad habits and aggressive behaviour can be extremely annoying! But you’re not alone in muttering to yourself as the person in front fails to indicate. Here are the country’s top ten motoring annoyances.

Middle lane hoggers

motorway - middle lane hogger

There’s nothing more frustrating than being in the left-hand lane, realise you’re approaching someone in the middle going dramatically slower than you are and having to go out two lanes just to overtake them. Sitting in the middle lane serves no purpose except to annoy other drivers and slow the entire motorway down.  And there’s really no excuse for it. Years of campaigning and the threat of a £100 fine should mean all drivers know how to use motorway lanes properly.

Lane weavers

At the other end of the poor lane discipline spectrum is our next motoring pet peeve – lane weavers.  Not content unless they’re in the fastest possible lane at every moment of their journey, lane weavers are not only annoying, they’re a danger to other road users and make driving around them incredibly stressful.  If the rest of us can cope with not necessarily driving as fast as we’d like, then so can they.

Not indicating

It may come as a shock to some drivers, but indicators aren’t just decoration. But it seems like you can’t complete a journey without finding yourself caught out by someone who’s forgotten there are other cars on the road and they need to communicate their intention to turn before suddenly braking and veering off into a side road. Or being stuck at a roundabout only to find out the car you were waiting for was turning left all along! And considering how easy indicating is, there really isn’t any excuse.


Tailgating is an incredibly dangerous way to try and get the person in front to go faster. And the irony of it is, it so often has the opposite effect. For many drivers, the close-driving intimidation makes their driving even more cautious. Tailgaters should just keep their distance and overtake when it is safe to do so.

Parking across two bays

parking over two bays

Unless you’re driving a large van or a mini-bus, all cars will fit in a single parking bay.  So failing to do so is just lazy and inconsiderate, particularly in a busy car park with very few spaces left.  No one is so busy that they can’t take an extra few seconds to straighten up and fit in the bay properly.

Sat navs refusing to re-route

Sat navs are a wonderful invention and have made journeying into the unknown a far less stressful experience. However, they’re far from infallible, and really need to learn to adapt.  But as you drive down an unfamiliar road waiting for your sat nav to re-route, and all it’s doing is telling you to make a u-turn, tempers can certainly rise.

‘Baby on Board’ signs

We get that having a baby is an incredible and exciting experience, and I’m sure the reason parents stick ‘Baby on Board’ signs to their read windscreens is because they’re proud of their beautiful baby and want the world to know.  But that’s not how those signs come off.  Instead, ‘Baby on Board’ signs feel like parents saying “you’re a terrible driver, please take extra care so you don’t injure my perfect child’.

Spray from long vehicles

No one’s really at fault with this one. If you’re driving a long vehicle, you can’t control the spray.  But it is always horrible trying to pass a lorry or being stuck behind a bus and finding yourself in a torrential downpour rather than the mild drizzle experienced by everyone else around you.

Waiting for the ‘correct’ petrol pump

This may come as a surprise to some, but there isn’t a ‘correct’ side of the petrol pump.  The hoses are long enough to stretch over your car, so don’t waste everyone else’s time waiting for the ‘correct’ pump, just go to whatever’s free!

Parking wardens

Everyone has a job to do, and parking wardens are no exception. But it when you get a fine for overstaying your expiry time by a few minutes or going outside of a space by a couple of inches, it feels like they get some sort of pleasure out of our misery.

Although some of these annoyances are really no one’s fault and something we need to learn to live with, there are ways we can all improve our behaviour to may driving a more enjoyable experience for everyone.  And car manufacturers are adding features like reversing cameras, blind spot monitoring and smarter sat nav units to help us out. To find out more about the tech Mazda and Suzuki have to offer to make your and your fellow drivers live’s easier and reduce annoyances, visit our website or contact our sales teams. For Mazda, they’re based in Weybridge, Bookham and Orpington. And for Suzuki, they’re in Effingham.