British road signs

50th anniversary of the The British Road Sign

The British Road Sign

In 1965 one of the most ambitious and effective information design projects was launched in Britain. The British Road Sign appeared on our streets for the very first time 50 years ago and has occupied an important role in our lives ever since, from instructing us where to go and a safe speed to travel at, to making us aware of any hazards or road works.

The signs designed by Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert standardised the road network, creating many of the signs we see today and produced two new typefaces: Transport and Motorway. The signage system was launched in 1965 and to celebrate its 50th anniversary a series of events have been planned for 2015 that connect the north and south of England.

Do you know what all of our British road signs stand for?

If you are particularly bad you can download this official Department for Transport Know your Traffic Signs PDF.