Why manufacturer car insurance can save you money © Suzuki

How manufacturer car insurance can save you money

When you’re buying a brand new car the dealer might offer you manufacturer insurance – many car buyers dismiss this as a money spinning exercise, but they shouldn’t.

Taking out your car insurance through the manufacturer’s scheme can actually save you money in the long run – here’s why.


Hyundai, Mazda and Suzuki all offer car insurance to buyers and encourage customers to call them direct in the event of an accident.

If you had a crash in your Hyundai, Mazda or Suzuki, you’d want it to go to a reputable repair centre who knew the car inside out – where better than one of the dealers to do the repair work, then?

If your car is involved in a crash, having taken out manufacturer insurance and rung them directly, your car will go to an authorised dealer specialist repair centre.

Technicians who know the cars inside out will be repairing your vehicle. This ensures we can deliver the highest possible quality of work and the best service to our customers in their time of need.

We know the cost of motoring can ramp up, so we aim to get your car back on the road as quickly as possible.

Manufacturer car insurance can save you money © Mazda


Many large insurance providers might send your damaged vehicle to any old garage for the repair work. These might not use official manufacturer parts, choosing cheaper, replacement parts instead to keep costs down.

Non-franchised auto repairers have in some cases also been found to use excessive amounts of filler to repair bodywork instead of the correct methods. This can obviously have a detrimental affect on a car’s safety post-repairs.

It sounds melodramatic, but poorly repaired cars means the official rating as judged by crash test experts Euro NCAP no longer stands.

This makes the car more dangerous for occupants AND pedestrians.

Hyundai aftercare and manufacturer insurance © Hyundai


When it comes to crash damage and repairs, the benefits of taking out manufacturer insurance are plain to see.

The vehicle will be repaired at an official accident repair centre for that manufacturer and only original, quality manufacturer parts will be used to put the car right.

This means the vehicle’s structural integrity remains and you can safely drive around in the knowledge your car is as strong and safe as the day it left the factory.

Proper repairs should last, too, which means you won’t have to pay out even more money to put a bodged fix right.

Mazda manufacturer car insurance can save money © Mazda


At T W White & Sons we know accidents can happen out on the roads, especially at this time of year where wintery conditions dominate.

That’s why we offer our very own aftercare packages for Hyundai, Mazda and Suzuki.

We offer a free courtesy car in the event of an accident to keep you on the road, and free collection and delivery of your vehicle. We’ll also help get you back home if you’ve had an accident and take all the hassle out of the repairs – we’ll liaise with your insurance company for you.

For more information on individual manufacturer packages, click the brand names above.

We want to know if you’ve ever taken out manufacturer insurance and had to have repairs done to your car. Were you happy with the service?

Maybe you went with a big name insurance brand and didn’t get the service you expected after an accident? Do you wish you went with cover from your vehicle’s manufacturer?

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