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How to: pick the perfect car


Whether it’s new or used, there are a key set of steps every buyer should follow to pick the perfect car for them.

The process starts with research – thorough research. First you need to decide on the type of vehicle that’s right for you. Do you need space and practicality? Maybe an MPV or a crossover is the type of car you’re after. Or are you looking for something sportier? In that case it could be a hot hatchback or a coupe.

Once you’ve firmed up what type of vehicle you’re looking for, pick the models you’re interested in investigating.

From there you can compare and contrast a number of different cars, making an assessment of features such as efficiency, performance and price, and narrow it down to a range of vehicles you’d like to test drive.

The Test Drive!

When you get behind the wheel of a car during your test drive, concentrate hard. Is the seat comfortable? Do you like the driving position and interior? What does the vehicle feel like to drive – you’re going to have to live with your purchase day-in, day-out for a significant amount of time in the future, so make sure you’re going to get on with it.

It’s a matter of personal choice here, but life would be boring if we all like the same thing. At least make sure you sample all the cars on your list before making a decision on a purchase – the first car you take out might be good, but the second could be even better.

If and when you decide what vehicle and specification you want to buy, it comes to crunch time.

Value for money

When buying a car – new or used – you’ll have to factor in things such as part exchanging your existing vehicle and whether you want to buy with cash or on finance.

Generally, the cheaper the price, the better – but be wary. Dealer service is important, too.

You’ll own your car for a number of years, so building a relationship with your local dealer to help with servicing, parts and maintenance can help. After all, what price can you put on hassle-free car ownership?

At T W White & Sons we pride ourselves in delivering the best possible customer service – we make owning and running your vehicle as trouble free as possible, with the minimum of fuss when it comes to servicing. And with the great reliability and value for money offered by our partners Hyundai, Mazda and Suzuki – not to mention superb performance and efficiency across all three brands’ ranges – there’s plenty to investigate if you’re in the market for a new motor.

If you’re interested in test driving a Hyundai, Mazda or Suzuki model, contact our sales team to arrange an appointment.

Alternatively, for more information on the superb range of vehicles available at T W White & Sons, visit our dealer locator tool here to find your nearest dealership.