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Fuel Consumption Explained

When it comes to buying a car, fuel consumption and mpg (miles per gallon) is always an important consideration.  And while MPG statistics must be provided for every new car, the terminology can leave you scratching your head.  Terms like ‘urban’ and ‘extra-urban’ may make sense to those setting the rules, but to most people they don’t really offer a clue to what they represent.  We’ve put together a short infographic explaining what each result means.

Fuel consumption explained infographic

Understanding fuel consumption statistics

For most drivers, the most important figure to keep in mind is the combined MPG.  Unless you’re exclusively driving on motorways or never leave the limits of your town, your real world driving will be a mix of both urban and extra urban.

It’s also important that all these statistics are taken with a pinch of salt.  Firstly, all these tests are carried out in a lab on a rolling road.  This means the simulation will never perfectly mimic real world driving.  Another consideration is that manufacturers was to see the highest MPG statistics they can.  So cars sent for testing will made as light as possible.  In reality, there will always be extra weight.  The driver, passengers, shopping… all of these add weight and reduce MPG.

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