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A guide to deciding which is the best car for you

Deciding the best car for you

There are plenty of things to consider when deciding which is the best car for you. However, you can start to narrow down your shortlist by thinking of the following things.


For most car buyers, money will be the ultimate deciding factor, so make sure you have a clear idea of your budget before you start shopping. That can involve either knowing the total amount you can afford, or, if you’re buying on finance, the amount you can spend each month.

When you’re setting your budget, don’t forget there is a lot more to consider beyond simply paying for the car. The cost of fuel, tax and insurance – not to mention servicing – could all have a significant impact on the contents of your bank account.

best car for you


Size, too, is of crucial importance when choosing the best car for you, and it starts with something as simple as asking yourself how many seats you need. After all, why buy a seven-seater if you only ever use five? If you fancy a two-seater, will that hugely cramp your style, because you can never take out more than one passenger?

As obvious as it may seem, check the length of any car you might be considering. You may well be limited by your garage or driveway. And don’t underestimate how hard it can be to find a parking space for a big car in today’s ever more congested towns and cities.

best car for you

Body Style

The body style of a car can have a serious impact on just how good it is for you. Do you go for the practicality of a hatchback over the prestige of a saloon? Or will that simply not be stylish enough? Could the raised height and driving position of an SUV be the best car for you?

best car for you


You should consider not just the relative fuel economy of cars on your shortlist, but the prices of the cars, too. Often, a diesel-engined car is more expensive than the equivalent petrol model, so it can work out more expensive to own, even if it has better fuel economy and lower tax bills, thanks to lower CO2 emissions.

best car for you

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