Suzuki Swift eco champ: 764 miles on one tank of fuel

A Suzuki Swift diesel has achieved the amazing milestone of driving across New Zealand’s North Island and back to within 60km (37 miles) of its start point on a SINGLE tank of fuel.

Driver Donn Anderson piloted the economical Suzuki along the route from Auckland to Wellington and back again, achieving an average fuel consumption of 83.4mpg along the route – a 16.1mpg improvement on the Suzuki Swift’s official combined figure!

Anderson drove the distance of 764 miles – completed on just one 42-litre tank of fuel – at speeds between 50 and 60mph where possible. He even believes that the fuel consumption could have been improved had the Swift not encountered high winds and torrential rain on the journey.

It’s an impressive result, but despite this, it’s not the highest economy a 1.3 diesel Swift has returned. A Suzuki-entered Swift achieved a staggering 86.4mpg over a 370-mile test route in last year’s annual MPG Marathon in the UK.

The New Zealand run was constrained by the some challenging topography, accounting for the lower result than figures achieved in the UK.

Indeed, traversing the North Island’s Tongariro National Park with mountain ranges of up to 1,000 metres posed a tough test for the Swift, but one that it gallantly overcame – manifested by its excellent economy results.

The Suzuki Swift DDiS is powered by a frugal 75bhp 1.3-litre turbodiesel engine that returns an excellent 67.3mpg combined with 109g/km CO2, meaning £20 road tax.

With some careful driving, Anderson has shown that Suzuki Swift’s conservative economy claims are easy to exceed. Driving at 50 to 60mph – how most people drive day-to-day – and with considered acceleration and anticipation of traffic conditions for braking, fuel economy in the 70s and even into the 80s is possible.

We’re sure Anderson won’t be leaving it at that, either: watch this space…