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White is the UK’s most popular car colour!

More than a fifth of new cars registered are white!

According to the figures released by The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), white is the UK’s most popular new car colour for the third year running. Of the 2,635,518 new cars registered in 2015, 21.4% were white.

Market share by colour red

Best selling white cars 2015

Blue cars also enjoyed a resurgence in demand, with more than one in six people choosing the colour. Blue used to be the nation’s first choice of car colour in the late 1990s and, after a period of falling popularity at the start of the century, it has now seen three years of continued growth in demand. Here at the T W White & Sons our most popular colour car sold in 2015 across our three franchises – Mazda, Hyundai and Suzuki was in-fact ‘Blue’ followed closely by Silver, White, Black and then Red.

Top car colour 2015
T W White & Sons Cars sold by colour in 2015

Silver cars however were knock off the top spot in 2008 and have continued to decrease in demand across the UK with only one in 10 new car registrations compared with its peak in 2004 when almost every third new car registered was silver. Overall, neutral tones continue to dominate.

But it wasn’t all black, white and 50shades of grey, with more buyers opting to stand out on the roads with brighter colours, perhaps 2016 could see a change in last years stats?


SMMT Top 10 car colours for 2015

  • The number of people choosing mauve/purple cars increased by almost a third in 2015 (30%) to 12,414, taking the colour into the top 10 for the first time.
  • Green cars grew by 31.2% to 28,250 units to take its highest market share (1.1%) for five years.
  • Orange and yellow cars, meanwhile, also grew in popularity with a total 30,187 people opting for a more vibrant colour.

Top 10 car colour 2015

What colour car do you drive?

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