Top Gear Presents: The All new Mazda MX5

Top Gear is perhaps one of the most eagerly followed, respected and entertaining automotive reviewing TV programmes that’s on our screens today.

So it’s kind of fitting that they will be the first to formally review one of the most eagerly anticipated cars of 2015. The all new Mazda MX5. First launched in 1989, the MK1 MX5 took the world by storm. In the subsequent 25 years the MX5 has acquired an army of loyal followers, and even holds the Guinness World Record of the Best Selling two-seater sports car of all time. It has remained relatively unchanged as the remained relatively unchanged in the last 25 years, but now it’s got a leaner and meaner look to it…

At its heart of the upgrade is the Japanese notion of Jinba Ittai ‘horse and rider as one,’ ensuring an intimate bond between car and driver. It’s this notion which stands the Mazda MX5 heads and shoulders ac The pure exhilaration of rear-wheel drive, perfect 50:50 weight distribution and a body over 100kg lighter than its predecessor creates a thrilling drive whilst its sports suspension connects you with the road on every twist and turn.

Top Gear have reviewed the car on the continent, and if the written reviews are anything to go by, its going to be a big hit on the TV programme as well.

Airing on Sunday 8th March at 8pm its sure to be an interesting and entertaining ride. Don’t miss it!

And for the real MX5 enthusiasts, the all new Mazda MX5 is available to pre-order from T W White & Sons as of 9th March. Call us on 0844 6493948 to make sure you are first in the queue.