Suzuki cuts cost of winter tyre programme

Suzuki has slashed the cost of its winter tyre programme to as low as £99 per tyre all-in.

Winter is a difficult and potentially dangerous period on the UK’s roads (to find out how to fully prepare for the cold season, read our winter driving guide) with conditions, light and grip levels changing rapidly. It’s therefore important to have the right equipment for your car in order to stay safe.

That’s why Suzuki has lowered prices for winter tyres on all its models by 10% on average compared to last year, and is now offering a storage facility for your summer rubber, too.

Suzuki Aftersales Marketing Manager, Michael Le-Flay: “Many people are unaware of the fact that when temperatures drop below 7°C, the rubber in standard tyres becomes harder and less flexible, which affects braking and cornering performance.

“It doesn’t matter how many electronic aids your car may have, the quality of its tyres is critical. The compound used for cold weather tyres, and their tread design are tailored to cope with adverse conditions, so that the best levels of car control can be maintained.”

Fitting winter rubber is not just a fad – it actually works. It can prove an investment, too. Far from being an expensive waste of money throughout the winter, when the time comes to re-fit your summer tyres, you can store your cold weather hoops for use the next year – some drivers can get three year’s use from a set.

But most importantly, it could save you from having to postpone a vital journey over the Christmas period, for example – or worse still, prevent against abandoning your car part way through a trip.

It can sound melodramatic, but winter rubber can be the difference between you getting to your destination safely and a nasty accident.

Fortunately, with Suzuki’s storage system, there’s no hassle to packing away your summer or dry weather tyres, either. The firm is offering annual storage from £49.99, including a wheel and tyre inspection and wheel balancing service every time you change your tyres over.

For just £99.99 customers can opt for an inspection of their vehicle’s most important safety feature, too: its brakes. Alongside this, Suzuki will safety check and clean your car’s wheels.

Prices for Suzuki’s winter tyre scheme begin at £99 each for its Alto city car, rising to £199 each for its rugged off-road Grand Vitara SUV – it does boast a lot of rubber after all…

For more information on Suzuki’s 2012/2013 cold weather rubber programme, why not visit our Suzuki showroom in Effingham, Surrey, or contact one of the team today.