Friday Focus: Five Suzuki concepts for 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

The 2013 Tokyo Motor Show kicks of next week and Suzuki has no less than five amazing concept cars to display at its home show.

The quintet is responsible for Suzuki’s theme of “Let’s create a Brand New Story” for its 2013 Tokyo booth, with each little Suzuki prototype based on the Japanese firm’s slogan of “Small Cars for a Big Future.”


First up is the Suzuki Crosshiker concept – a compact crossover that fuses fresh, new styling with a dynamic weight reduction programme and a highly efficient powertrain. Exactly what we need in the modern age and the hustle and bustle of busy urban centres.

The car is actually based on the Suzuki G70 Regina concept car, which was first shown at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.

Packed full of innovative new technology, both this and the Crosshiker feature a highly fuel-efficient 1.3-litre three-cylinder engine, striking the perfect balance between on-road and environmental performance, helped by a super-low kerb weight of just 810kg.

Then there’s the styling. It’s a real looker, with the candy red hue and smooth, organic looking bodywork. This is one little off-roader we’d love to take out for a spin.

Suzuki X-Lander concept © Suzuki


Suzuki’s X-Lander concept takes things one-step further. Based on the firm’s venerable Jimny off-roader, the X-Lander boasts a four-wheel drive hybrid powertrain, with the Jimny’s 1.3-litre petrol engine supplying a good chunk of the go.

It’s mated to a newly developed automatically controlled manual transmission, incorporating a lightweight electric motor in conjunction with the four-wheel drive system to give CO2-reducing petrol-electric power.

The design is fresher than the Jimny, with a cool, rakish front end, a chopped down windscreen and a funky roll-over hoop.

But with the Jimny’s mechanicals underpinning the car and those huge off-road tyres, we’re pretty sure the X-Lander will climb any mountain and forge any stream in complete style.

Suzuki Hustler concept © Suzuki


The Suzuki Hustler is a rather quirky little vehicle – another crossover, this time designed for a new genre of minicars, Suzuki reckons it “suits the active lifestyle of people who love nature, love the outdoors and love sports.”

It combines style and practicality, according to the Japanese firm, offering plenty of SUV touches, too. The plastic body claddings give the Hustler a bolder look, while there’s enough space inside to accommodate any equipment needed for your pursuits.

“It looks like it belong in the outdoors, with a roomy, comfortable and useful interior,” reckons Suzuki.

Suzuki Hustler Coupe concept © Suzuki


Based on the Hustler, the Hustler Coupe adds a bit more design flair to the practical but attractive micro off-roader.

With its sleeker, chopped down roof profile, there’s still enough space for people and stuff, just with a bit more emphasis on style.

Suzuki iV-4 concept © Suzuki


Finally at Tokyo 2013, Suzuki will be showing off its iV-4 concept off-roader. Making its home debut, the Suzuki 4×4 was first seen back in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show and previews the design direction for the Japanese firm’s future SUV offerings.

That’s a great thing in our book, as the iV-4 concept looks sharp and stylish.

Drawing on the exciting and innovative new technology from the Suzuki’s latest off-roader, the impressive SX-4 S-Cross, it should be fuel efficient and fun to drive, too.

We’ll get another chance to see it at Tokyo, and investigate the details further. T W White & Sons will bring you details of the new Hyundai, Mazda and Suzuki vehicles on show at the Japanese automotive expo.

In the meantime, why not let us know what you think of Suzuki’s five-strong Tokyo 2013 line-up?

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