Massive demand for used Mazdas - now's the time to buy (c) Mazda

Massive demand for used Mazdas – now’s the time to buy

There’s a massive demand for used Mazdas sweeping the nation, with car dealers craving more brilliant used stock – if you’re a currently a Mazda driver, that means now is THE time to upgrade and buy a new, even more technologically advanced Mazda.

Sounds odd? Let us explain. You own a used Mazda – naturally it’s in brilliant mechanical shape thanks to the brand’s superb reliability and it’s worn well inside over the years, too.

That means it’ll be a sought after car, so in theory you should get a good price for it when part-exchanging it against a brand new Mazda.

That means with competitive cash buy and finance deals on cars like the new Skyactiv Mazda CX5 crossover and Mazda 6 Saloon and Estate – as well as the iconic, sector-defining sports car, the Mazda MX5 – you’ll have to pay less for your brand new car.

Around four years ago when the credit crunch and subsequent recession really took hold, new car sales across the board in the UK took a turn for the worse, as Mazda UK sales director Peter Allibon explains:

“This means there’s never been a better time for people to trade in a used Mazda for a new one because they can be confident of a competitive deal.

“There is annual demand for around 70,000 used Mazda cars and we’re only selling 30,000 new ones a year at the moment, so people buying a new Mazda now can also be confident that their car will be in demand and therefore hold its value better than many other models for years to come.

So, you’ll get a better price for your used Mazda now, and a better price for your new Mazda when you come to sell it in the future. What’s not to like?

In fact, used car values increased by 17.3% year-on-year to June 2013, according to British Car Auctions.

“Today, we have very strong new car finance offers which eight out of 10 buyers are taking up,” added Allibon.

“These offers are as generous as they have ever been and very affordable even more so when you part exchange your existing car for a new Mazda which will represent a leap forward in technology.”

Tempted? Why not drop in on T W White & Sons Mazda in Bookham, Surrey, or Orpington, Kent to take a test drive of a new Skyactiv Mazda vehicle today. We can also give you a valuation for your used car.

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