On the road: new Mazda MX5 review

 The Mazda MX5 received some small but important updates with the introduction of the 2013 model year vehicle – and we’ve got behind the wheel to test it out.

It’s familiar fare with the Japanese firm’s two-seater sports car, but with a recipe honed to perfection over nearly 25 years, the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rings true here.

That’s not to say the Mazda MX5 is old hat – far from it. In fact, recalibrated accelerator and brake pedals put even more focus on the driver so they can engage with the advanced technology on offer.

Mazda MX5 in grey rear three quater

Modifications to both controls have been designed to improve feel and control, as well as improving response. It’s worked, too.

The solid brakes really inspire confidence and perform well after repeated use and the accelerator pedal means you can accurately meter out all of the 2.0-litre normally aspirated engine’s 160hp.

And what an engine it is too. It’s happy to cruise around at low rpm in town driving, but extend it into the upper reaches of the revs and it comes alive, offering serious performance.

Mazda MX5 interior

The 0-62mph sprint takes 7.6 seconds, with a 132mph speed available. The crisp induction note reflects the responsive nature of the motor, and combined with direct steering, and a composed chassis, it means you can really have some fun in the car.

It’s the perfect blend of sporty and refined, too. The cabin is comfortable and with the option of roof-down motoring, it’s offers the capability for sporty motoring all year round.

Striking that perfect balance between engaging sports car and refined roadster, the new Mazda MX5 is surprisingly efficient for a car boasting such performance.

Mazda MX5 in grey front

It’ll return a range-best 39.8mpg combined with 167g/km CO2 emissions, meaning you can have your cake and eat it – al fresco if you want, too…

For more information on the better than ever updated Mazda MX5 range of sports cars – including the updated Venture Edition vehicle – drop into our Mazda showrooms in Bookham, Surrey, or Orpington, Kent.

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