Mazda considering RX model successor

Mazda has outlined that it has not ruled out the possibility of producing another sporty coupe in the future, likely to be badged the RX9.

It’s thought that if the Japanese firm was to produce another RX model it would not follow the RX8’s four-door configuration, reverting back to a bodystyle like to the two-door RX7.

Reported by Autocar, it is thought the potential new offering from Mazda would boast a front-engined, rear-wheel drive layout and would be powered by a rotary engine.

The firm also recently outlined that it was pressing forward with development of its Wankel power plant, developing new technology in the form of advanced ignition control to reduce CO2 emissions, the main reason the previous three-rotor engine in the RX8 sports car was discontinued.

Initially the engine would be available in normally aspirated guise only, with a more powerful high-performance turbocharged variant to follow later.

For fans of the unusual high-revving engine, hearing Mazda’s commitment to rotary power will certainly be welcome.

Speaking to Autocar, president and Chief Executive Officer of Mazda Motor Europe outlined, “We have a history of doing things a little differently. The rotary is clearly part of Mazda’s soul.”

Plans for a new RX model are as yet unconfirmed, however. It is thought Mazda will assess the current economic climate and how it is predicted to develop before investing in a new project.

Even so, given its most recent efforts with every-day cars like the Mazda 6 saloon and estate, and the Mazda CX5 crossover, we can’t wait to see what the firm does with a sports car designed under its Skyactiv technology banner.