Mazda CX5 crossover (c) Mazda

Mazda CX5 crossover gets big value boost

Great news for those in the market for a Mazda CX5 crossover – the award-winning Japanese off-roader has become an even more enticing proposition, offering residual value cash benefits of up to £1,600 per model for fleet buyers.

The injection of cash to second-hand values comes from a re-assessment of used prices from vehicle valuation experts CAP.

It means that after three years or 60,000 miles across a range of 20 different Mazda CX5 models, the car retains an incredible 38-40% of its P11D value – the price of the car when new including any options and VAT, plus any delivery charges but not the vehicle’s first registration fee or road tax.

Combined with CAP’s overall forecasts for increased values across the popular crossover sector, it means an improvement of anywhere between £1,275 and £1,575 across the range when compared to values in August 2013.

As if the Mazda CX5 wasn’t desirable enough already, with its amazing combination of efficiency, performance, sporty handling and superb safety, even better second-hand values mean there’ll be increased demand from fleets and company car users.

CAP outlined future vehicle valuations increased by roughly 3% in September due to the introduction of the new ‘63’ registration plate, but Mazda’s cars accelerated ahead of the curve, enjoying “greater than average residual value forecast increases.”

According to CAP, this “is the most important seal of market approval overall, because it represents strengthening demand for the brand from motorists in today’s market.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves…

More on the Mazda CX5 from CAP forecasting editor for cars, Jeff Knight:

Residual values for CX-5 have increased over its nearest rivals because we have been seeing evidence for some time of a growing admiration among motorists for Mazda’s offerings in this sector. It is clear that the CX-5 is increasingly the model of choice in the compact SUV sector for a growing number of buyers.

“Mazda has caught the wave of consumer appetite for economy among consumers, whatever type of car they choose, with their introduction of Skyactiv technology, which contributes to low emissions and excellent fuel economy.”

So, nearly 18 months after it went on sale, the award-winning Mazda CX5 crossover is still leading the way in the mid-size off-roader class – it’s no surprise either.

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