Mazda CX5: cheaper insurance means savings for owners

The Mazda CX5 crossover has always been synonymous for low running costs and ease of ownership and now that brilliant character trait has just got even better – owners will now benefit from even cheaper insurance premiums on the Japanese 4×4.

The Mazda CX5 range’s insurance group ratings have been adjusted and now stand between 15E and 21E thanks to the addition of Mazda’s accident-reducing Smart City Brake Support system – the same technology that helped it achieve the Scottish Car of the Year Safety Award.

The investment is active safety technology helps to avoid collisions and potential injury, as well as the associated cost of repairs following a crash. As a result, underwriters have acknowledged the reduction in insurance group rating by the Insurance Group Rating panel, meaning lower costs for the end user – you.

The Association of British Insurers has dropped the Mazda CX5’s ratings by two groups across the entire 18-strong model line-up.

The ABI’s decision was made after working closely with vehicle research experts Thatcham. The research centre has been working in conjunction with crash testers at Euro NCAP – from who the Mazda CX5 receives a full five-star rating for safety – to understand and quantify the benefits of automatic emergency braking systems.

If other manufacturers were to adopt Mazda’s ground breaking and innovative standard-fit Smart City Brake Support System, Euro NCAP estimates a 27% reduction in road traffic accidents Europe-wide could be possible, saving 8,000 lives per year.

Any change in insurance premiums depends on a host of different factors, but the Mazda CX5 impressed officials enough to warrant a reduction.

Mazda UK Aftersales Director David Wilson-Green:

“We anticipate that the lowered group ratings for CX-5 could result in annual savings up to £50 on some models for our customers.”

While it might not sound like all that much, £50 is a useful and worthwhile sum to have chopped off your insurance premium. For that you could add breakdown cover, for example – not that you’d need it with the CX5’s superbly dependable reliability record…

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