Mazda 6 Estate wins Best Used Estate Car Award (c) Mazda

Mazda 6 Estate wins ‘Best Used Estate Car’ award

The Mazda 6 Estate has been crowned the ‘Best Used Estate Car’ in What Car? magazine’s 2013 used car awards, meaning Mazda rakes in yet another piece of silverware with its family-friendly Mazda 6 wagon.

The What Car? editorial team commended the car for its boot space and practicality, saying “it’s more than an impressive load carrier and a great all-rounder”, so we thought we’d turn our attention with our Friday Focus to this sensational used buy.


The What Car? team picked out the 163hp 2.2-litre diesel version in particular for its strong performance. In fact, with the punchy turbocharged engine, the magazine described the engine’s 265lb ft of torque as “perfect when cabin and boot have been filed.”

This healthy power output is enough to accelerate the Mazda from 0-62mph in less than 10 seconds – excellent performance for a spacious family estate.


Mazda’s have always focused on ride quality as well as athletic, safe handling that can entertain on a British B-road – just because this is the perfect way to transport your family and your luggage, it doesn’t mean that it should be boring to drive.

A number of electronic driver and safety aids give you peace of mind should conditions worsen, watching over you and assisting in your time of need. Anti-lock brakes as well as traction and stability control will keep you safe and sound, while not intruding on driving pleasure when it’s safe to do so.


It may sound like a small, insignificant point, but Mazda knows what family life can throw at you, so Mazda designed the Mazda 6 Estate to be massively practical, picking up on the small things:

“The Mazda6 Estate ticks all the boxes with a large 519-litre boot that’s a usefully square shape, rear seats that can be easily folded down and a spacious cabin which allows a family of four to get comfortable on a long journey.”

At 519 litres, it’s still extremely competitive when compared with the new generation Skyactiv Mazda 6’s luggage capacity – itself one of the segment leaders for load space.


And despite strong, reliable performance, massive practicality and lithe and agile handling, the Mazda 6 Estate is also incredibly efficient.

The car will return a combined 52.3mpg, making it as efficient as the current For Mondeo Estate and boasting exactly the same power.

That should mean yearly running costs are kept to a minimum and with superb reliability, you won’t have to shell out for unnecessary repairs – just routine servicing, which is simple with Mazda’s Digital Service Record technology.


Being a family-focused estate car, Mazda knew how tough its interiors had to be when it design the car. The result was a Mazda 6 that felt upmarket and premium inside with soft-touch but hard-wearing plastics and upholstery to cope with sticky fingers and muddy boots.

The air of quality is compounded by the level of equipment available on the Mazda 6 Estate – satellite navigation, a Bose stereo, cruise control, automatic climate control, parking sensors and heated seats were all options on the car, bringing luxury saloon car gadgets to the family estate market.

That’s just one of the factors What Car? magazine picked up on in its summary of the Mazda 6 Estate:

“The Mazda6 Estate wins the Estate category as it really is more than an impressive load carrier, it’s affordable to buy and run, it’s reliable and comfortable, it’s safe and loaded with high tech gadgets – it’s a great all-rounder which estate cars need to be.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, so why not put the What Car? magazine recommendation to the test and stop in at T W White & Son’s Mazda showrooms in Weybridge, Bookham or Orpington, Kent this weekend to take a test drive?

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