Mazda marks 1 million Skyactiv vehicle sales © Mazda

Mazda produces 1 million Skyactiv vehicles

In little over two years since Mazda’s first Skyactiv model, the Mazda CX5, went into production, the Japanese firm has produced over one million vehicles based on its clever technology.

We looked at Mazda’s Skyactiv technology as part of our Friday Focus last week, so its appropriate the news should come now.

Far from just improving efficiency, safety or performance exclusively, Mazda’s Skyactiv approach to building vehicles incorporates enhancements in all areas to deliver even better results and even better value to the customer.

Only two years and four months after the first Skyactiv car went into production, there are now five Skyactiv models in the Mazda range, including the CX5.

For those after lots of practicality the Mazda 6 saloon and Mazda 6 Tourer offer plenty of efficiency, lots of style, stunning performance, ride and handling and incredible safety at a remarkable price.

More recently, the Mazda 3 joined the range in both hatchback and Fastback guise.

Slightly smaller than the 6, customers who don’t require all that space but still want the economy, the image, the value for money and, importantly, the safety can opt for Mazda’s smaller model. And if you need a bit more versatility, there’s always the larger Fastback variant.

There’s more to come, too. Skyactiv will dictate Mazda’s future model range. With a new Mazda MX5 sports car due next year, the iconic sports car should deliver on all those core areas with a distinct focus on sportiness and performance.

But if with Skyactiv efficiency you can have your cake and eat it with a Mazda MX5, why not?

At the other end of the spectrum, The Mazda Hazumi concept previewed at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show highlights the look of a future replacement for the Mazda 2 supermini.

Using the same Kodo – Soul of Motion design language and adding an even more efficient 1.5-litre turbodiesel Skyactiv-D engine to the range, it will offer customers even more choice and keep driving Mazda on towards the next million Skyactiv vehicle sales.

We’re sure that won’t take another two years, such is the success of the technology behind the cars.

And it’s that technology you should try for yourself. If you’re in the market for a new car, try before you buy – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed by a new Skyactiv Mazda.

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