Donington Park teams up with Mazda © Mazda

Donington Park teams up with Mazda

The famous Donington Park circuit has continued its partnership with Mazda to provide its superb range of Skyactiv vehicles for the venue for the sixth year running.

Proving the prowess of Mazda’s latest generation cars, Donington Park renewed its contract with the Japanese manufacturer for the sixth year in a row, with a fleet of 10 Mazda cars provided for on- and off-circuit duties.

These 10 vehicles will comprise the 175hp 2.2-litre turbodiesel Mazda 6 Tourer Sport Nav, the Mazda 6 Saloon in Sport Nav trim with exactly the same engine and the extremely versatile Mazda CX5 2.2-litre 175hp Sport Nav automatic.

Mazda’s fleet of vehicles are perfectly suited to duties at Britain’s oldest race track – boasting plenty of acceleration and speed, superb handling and incredible efficiency, it means circuit staff can attend any event quickly to provide medical and safety support, as well as transport VIP guests around the venue.

Mazda’s excellent reputation for reliability and customer service also means Donington Park will benefit from continued Mazda ownership throughout the vehicles’ lives working at the track.

Managing director Donington Park Racing Ltd. Christopher Tate explains:

“This is now the sixth year of a successful relationship with Mazda and we are delighted to welcome the Mazda6 and Mazda CX-5 onto the support fleet for 2014.

“Both models are well equipped with attributes that perfectly complemented Donington Park’s requirements this year, delivering a combination of performance, economy and responsiveness while retaining their sporty styling and reliability.”

Proof that if it’s good enough for a race circuit, with the challenging demands placed on performance, reliability and efficiency – even if the cars aren’t racing and only attend emergency events themselves – Mazda’s Skyactiv range of vehicles perform brilliantly in all areas on the road.

Why not check the range out for yourself? Visit one of our dedicated Mazda showrooms in Bookham, Surrey or Orpington, Kent to take a test drive of Mazda’s latest generation range.

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