New Mazda Hazumi supermini concept for Geneva 2014 © Mazda

New Mazda Hazumi supermini concept for Geneva 2014

The 2014 Geneva Motor Show looks set to be yet another good outing for Mazda, as the firm debuts its Mazda Hazumi concept car – a replacement for the current Mazda 2 supermini.

Continuing the momentum built by its Mazda CX5, Mazda 6 and Mazda 3 models – all of which feature the manufacturer’s clever Skyactiv technology – the new Mazda Hazumi concept brings big-car technology to the supermini sector.

“Hazumi” means “bound” or “spring up” in Japanese and, according to Mazda, is the perfect name for its new small concept car, which is bursting with energy thanks to its sleek, muscular design.

The Mazda Hazumi is likely to replace the current Mazda 2 later this year or early in 2015, and will stick to the firm’s engineering principles.

Alongside the Hazumi, Mazda will also show a new Skyactiv 1.5-litre turbodiesel engine. This could find its way into the Hazumi when it eventually makes production, and will almost certainly power the new Mazda 3 Hatch and fastback models.

That should mean even better fuel economy and even lower CO2 emissions – the current 2.0 turbodiesel in the Mazda 3 hatch returns an incredible 72.5mpg combined with just 104g/km CO2, so expect the new 1.5-litre engine to increase this to more than 75mpg combined and less than 100g/km CO2, meaning free road tax.

With two new world premieres at Geneva 2014, along with a special celebratory display of Mazda MX5s past and present to celebrate the famous sports car’s 25th birthday, as well as the upgraded Mazda CX5 for 2014, there’ll be lots on show.

The amazing Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 models will round of the Japanese carmaker’s offering, proving just how strong Mazda is at the moment.

But we really can’t wait to see the new Mazda Hazumi concept sitting pride of place on the show stand.

T W White & Sons will be on the ground in Geneva next month, so check back for all the latest stories from Europe’s premiere motor show.