Mazda Koeru

Unveiling of the Mazda Koeru Concept at Frankfurt Motor Show

Yesterday, Mazda unveiled the new Koeru concept vehicle at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. For a concept vehicle, the new Mazda Koeru  looks very much like a production-ready car. But Mazda have dismissed the question of the Koeru, which translates as “exceed” or “go beyond” in Japanese, as being production ready, and have insisted the Koeru is purely a concept. Mazda say the concept is meant as a preview of the evolution of the company’s Kodo design language and Soul of Motion.

Mazda Koeru rear view

“The Mazda Koeru demonstrates Mazda’s unique and daring interpretation of a crossover vehicle, proposed for the fast-growing crossover market,” the company said in a statement accompanying the reveal of the concept car. “Featuring the full suite of Mazda’s new-generation SKYACTIV technologies and designed under the KODO—Soul of Motion design language, the concept offers sporty yet delightfully refined styling and driving performance.”

Concept crossovers typically do not debut at major auto shows without a reason or a production version in mind, and the Koeru may well preview a replacement for the American markets’ CX-9, which the company is due to update after rolling out the New CX-3 and updating the CX-5.

The Mazda Koeru is a five-seater with an overall length of 460cm, making it just a bit longer than the current CX-5. It would need to be another 48cm of length to be considered a replacement for America’s CX-9, though Mazda  wouldn’t have any trouble scaling it up a bit when the time is right.

Mazda Koeru side on

Mazda has not yet commented on what exactly is powering the Koeru, mentioning only that it features the company’s SKYACTIV suite of powertrain technology. The official line is that the Koeru is more about previewing packaging and design rather than being a prototype for an impending vehicle.

Mazda has focused on aerodynamics in creating the Koeru concept, spending time to optimize airflow over the upper body. The underside of the concept has also been engineered with minimizing air turbulence in mind. The company also boasts greatly reduced NVH levels in the concept, though of course it’s difficult to gauge these sorts of things on the floor of an auto show. The sum of the elements, however, points to a vehicle headed to production.

It will be interesting to see how the concept of the Mazda Koeru develops over the coming months… perhaps we might find out more at the Tokyo motor show at the end of October.