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Hyundai Santa Fe voted Best large SUV at 2014 Auto Express New Car Awards

Proving its place at the top of the off-roader sector, the Hyundai Santa Fe SUV has been crowned the Best Large SUV at the Auto Express New Car Awards.

The impressive Santa Fe beat off competition from rivals that some might perceive as more premium, including the Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover Sport.

And despite the entry-level Range Rover Sport costing an incredible £25,000 more than the top-spec Santa Fe (the base spec Discovery still costs £5,000 more than the range-topping Hyundai, too) the Korean vehicle came out trumps.

Now well established in the UK and into its second full year of sales, the Hyundai Santa Fe has proved popular with UK buyers, helped by features such as the chassis and suspension setup bespoke to the UK.

Hyundai Santa Fe voted Best large SUV at 2014 Auto Express New Car Awards (c) Hyundai

Hyundai’s European engineers know what it takes to build an off-roader that performs well on the roads of Britain (sounds counter-intuitive that, doesn’t it?), and it’s incredible attention to detail and thoroughness of development means the Santa Fe delivers.

Editor-in-chief of Auto Express, Steve Fowler:

“The Hyundai Santa Fe is a brilliant way to transport a family. It’s comfortable, spacious and efficient, with the cool looks that buyers of these sorts of SUVs demand. It also offers tremendous value compared to less talented, big name rivals.”

The price vs ability issue highlighted here by one of the UK’s leading car magazines.

With both five- and seven-seat version of the Santa Fe available, the big Hyundai is extremely practical, catering for your needs depending on how much space or how many seats you need.

Powered by a strong and incredibly well refined 2.2-litre turbodiesel engine, pushing out 197hp it’ll sprint the Hyundai Santa Fe from 0-62mph in a best of 9.4 seconds.

Both six-speed manual and automatic gearboxes are available, depending on whether you want more driver involvement or a smooth-shifting relaxed experience, as well as two- and four-wheel drive options.

Hyundai Santa Fe voted Best large SUV at 2014 Auto Express New Car Awards (c) Hyundai

If you don’t tend to stray off-road all that often, with a sophisticated traction control system fitted across the range, the two-wheel drive option might be better for you – offering an amazing 47.9mpg combined with just 155g/km CO2, it’s incredibly efficient.

If you do need the capability when straying from the Tarmac, the four-wheel drive powertrain will deliver the go-anywhere ability you require.

With only a small penalty when it comes to efficiency, the Santa Fe’s four-wheel drive capability gives amazing flexibility if you’re intending to tow or go off-road.

With lots of premium equipment on offer, it really is a car to rival the Range Rover Sport – beat it, in fact, as Auto Express proved. Read our full review of the Hyundai Santa Fe here.