Made In Chelsea star learns to drive with Hyundai (c) Hyundai

Made In Chelsea star drives Hyundai

It doesn’t matter how famous you are or how much money you’ve got, if you can’t drive there isn’t much point in having a supercar. Which is why Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing has chosen to learn to drive in a Hyundai i10 city car.

It’s the perfect car for first time drivers – smooth, refined, safe and easy to manoeuvre with plenty of style and plenty of substance.

The MIC star – heir to the McVitie’s biscuit empire – has decided that he now needs the freedom to drive himself, rather than be chauffeured around all the time.

And while we know the Hyundai i10 will be perfectly suited to him, Hyundai wanted to make sure the instructor would get the best from the reality TV star.

Made In Chelsea star learns to drive with Hyundai (c) Hyundai

The Korean firm devised a driving instructor match making process to find the motoring tutor with the ideal mix of personality traits to get the most from the Made in Chelsea star.

As part of an eight week series, there’ll be a video each week detailing Jamie’s progress.

Learning to drive on the streets of London can’t be an easy task, so it’s no surprise the 25-year-old plumped for the Hyundai i10 – economical, and sporty but safe, sophisticated and roomy, so he can transport four of his cast mates in total comfort, the i10 is the perfect choice for first timers or those looking for a chic city runabout.

Made In Chelsea star learns to drive with Hyundai (c) Hyundai

Laing on his programme with Hyundai and the i10:

“People have been telling me to learn to drive for ages, especially my mother… My excuse has always been “I like walking”. However, now I’ve been set the challenge, I’ll make sure that I pass with flying colours.

“I was hoping that my car would be subtle and discreet, but the fact that it has my name written all over it means that all of Chelsea will be able to see my mistakes – not that I ever make mistakes!”

Made In Chelsea star learns to drive with Hyundai (c) Hyundai

Hyundai’s involvement with Laing has been running for quite a while now, as the Korean firm has been influential in its support for his business, Candy Kittens. President and CEO of Hyundai Motor UK, Tony Whitehorn, explains:

“We’ve been working with Jamie for the past year supporting his successful confectionary brand, Candy Kittens. When we found out that Jamie couldn’t drive, we thought that we really needed to give him a helping hand.

Learner drivers in the UK have on average 47 driving lessons and 20 hours of practice before they take their test. Let’s see how many lessons Jamie needs.”