Friday Focus: Hyundai looks to move upmarket © Hyundai

Friday Focus: Hyundai looks to move upmarket

With the launch of the new, premium Hyundai ix25 crossover concept at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show this week, it’s prompted us to look at how the Korean brand is aiming to move upmarket.

We’ll get one thing straight, these aspirations are certainly not going to affect Hyundai’s incredible value for money or its offerings on more mainstream products. It’ll still make superbly engineered, stylish cars for the masses, as it always has done traditionally.

What Hyundai is looking to do is add a few more strings to its bow with some more refined, upmarket offerings.

The Hyundai ix25 is just the latest model that confirms the brand’s plans. Capitalising on the momentum built by the new, premium Hyundai Santa Fe off-roader, the aim is to develop the firm’s crossover SUV range to rival the likes of Audi and BMW.

Looking at the striking styling and high material quality of the ix25, Hyundai certainly has the skill to do it.

It already builds high performance and luxury cars in America and its domestic market, such as the Genesis Coupe and Genesis saloon. And while these more powerful, larger cars might not be all that popular in Europe, a smaller, more efficient but equally high quality crossover like the Hyundai ix25 certainly will be.

On top of this, and following the Korena companies return to the World Rally Championship, Hyundai’s new N performance sub brand should also help drag the firm into a sportier sector.

Sister company Kia has its GT variants, and now Hyundai wants a piece of that action. Expect its upcoming N products to be performance-tuned versions of existing cars, with a hot hatchback version of the Hyundai i30 slated to be the first car to wear the N badge.

The there’re vehicles like the Hyundai PassoCorto sports car concept – pictured above – that was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2014. Now that we’d like to see become a production reality.

We want to know what you think about sportier and more luxurious Hyundais? Would you welcome even more performance and prestige with Hyundai’s traditional reliability and affordability?

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